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Mon, Apr. 27th, 2009, 05:31 pm
kataclysmicsale: (no subject)

Please join:


Come swap ANYTHING:
Clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup, jewelry, CDs, DVDs, posters, candles, household items, video games, homemade, DIY, Etsy shop items, and anything else you'd like! You can also swap services such as website design, graphics, etc.

This is a moderated and organized community to keep out the generic sales ads and keep the focus on swapping within the community. Please join!

Tue, May. 3rd, 2005, 05:16 pm
pandemonia_66: EDIT clothes swap SATURDAY 7th of may

its finally going to happen
im having a clothes swap here in newtown, wellington, new zealand this Saturday
so bring a pile of clothes, perhaps some bubbly, or yummy food
a couple of plastic bags (empty!) for your finds
and lets do it!

from 1-3pm (or whenever the clothes run out!)


email me for address


EDIT this date has been changed to Saturday because sunday is mothers day :P

Wed, Apr. 6th, 2005, 08:56 pm
pandemonia_66: swapping - general

Hey guys
Why don't some of you post something about clothes swaps you've had before, or ideas for them?
Like themed swaps or something?

i havent yet got a venue to have a swap in wellington NZ yet but i will hopefully next week.

And then we shall take photos of the swap.

I think the thing with swaps is to invite lots of people, but inform them that they HAVE to bring some clothes to swap.
Even if it's just two or three items, its all good, you can't just turn up to a swap with nothing.,

Don't you think?

Or is it all about getting rid of your unwanted clothes in a fun, social way wher eyou might find something 'new' you like to?


Mon, Apr. 4th, 2005, 09:08 am
pandemonia_66: clothes swap 101

Now I am going to be having a clothes swap in the next week or so.
So here is an idea of what I will probably be doing:

day: Saturday or Sunday
time: midday + - i think 2 or 3pm is a good time for people to be over their hangovers
invites: extended to all friends/ lj friends / friends of friends so long as they respect my home ( or whoever else lets mehave a clothes swap at their house)
to bring: clothes! any unwanted/too big/too small/wrong colour/ old/ unflattering/ unused clothes lurking in your wardrobe. and refreshments if you like, though probably non alcoholic it being just after lunchtime! oh and LOTS of plastic shopping bags to take home your finds.

how it will go:
The swap will take place in the lounge or other room with a large floor space. Clothes will be placed in piles on the floor (which will have been thoroughly vaccuumed etc beforehand :P) and drinks/ maybe snacks will be had to start off with. It will be a case of first in first served. Each different pile will be a different person's items. And you will pick a pile and take what you like. If there is a problem in that more than one person would like the one item, then the original owner of the item will make the choice as to who gets to have the item. If a fair decision cannot be made, then the item will go to the salvation army or another charity!

Now what do you think of that as a way to run a clothes swap? any feedback would be helpful thanks!

Thu, Mar. 31st, 2005, 11:45 am
pandemonia_66: tips tips tips: version #1

With a clothes swap
you generally want to invite as many different people as possible
so maybe you're a 'Goth' or a 'hippie' or whatever, you'll be surprised at the clothes everyone has hiding in their wardrobes.
ONe persons trash is another's treasure as they say.

Also inviting people of a range of sizes because people gain/lose weight, get pregnant, get given clothes in random sizes, buy lip service!, order the wrong size clothing off the net etc and so there should be stuff to fit everyone.

It is also easy enough to make alterations yourself or take say a pair of pants to the tailor to get them taken up for $10 when you got the, for free in the first place.

*Please feel free to add your own tips/tutorials/ideas for clothes swapping*

Tue, Mar. 29th, 2005, 12:48 pm
pandemonia_66: (no subject)

ooOOOh brand new community.
I want to do a clothes swap here in wellington new zealand in a few weeks. anyone interested?